Reef Futures 2018 Themes

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At this critical time in our planet's history, it is important to learn and share measures for coral reef restoration success. For any conservation efforts to be effective, the lines of communication must stay open and inclusive for stakeholders, policy makers, and practitioners. To accomplish this, the Symposium will be organized around these central themes and include input and expertise from our Florida back yard to the far reaches around the globe. Novel ideas and topics welcome!


The five themes of the Symposium are:

  • The Role of Restoration in Reef Management and Conservation
  • Restoration Operations: best practices, techniques, and tools for scaling-up
  • Restoration and Interventions in the Context of a Changing Planet
  • Demonstrating the Value and Efficacy of Restoration and Interventions
  • Restoration Vignettes: people taking restoration action around the world

The Symposium will bring together experts from around the world to share the latest science and techniques for coral reef restoration while kicking- off a global effort to dramatically scale-up the impact and reach of restoration as a major tool for coral reef conservation and management. This conference is being planned in close conjunction with the Great Barrier Reef Restoration Symposium, and special sessions on coral restoration at the International Marine Conservation Congress and will build on information exchanged at those venues. The program will serve as a global stage for the exchange of science, practical information, and ideas about the role of restoration in helping provide a better future for coral reefs.